Clearly defined and communicated values steer focus. Values don’t just speak into the identity of enterprises, but also the activity and resource allocation.

Values dictate not only where you need to go but also where not to go. They tell us it is fine not to act or be a particular way. They are the things that uniquely differentiate enterprises that endeavor to ‘produce’ similar ‘products’.

On another note, some institutions may declare to have the same values but are noticeably different from their counterparts.

This is also because they’re also expressed only are values differentiators, their expression further differentiates.

Thus what needs to be focused on is:

What are your values as an organization?

These can and must never be assumed. When values are assumed by people in an organization, everyone will pull in their own direction as per understanding

The unique expression of your values.

Though values may be declared as the same as other organizations’ expression of those values is the other differentiator.

Thus, know and embrace your values unto unique expression

There might have not been complete logic and or flow in this post but I hope my loud musings somehow made sense.

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  1. I get you Oom Bless so yeah, your loud musings do make sense. Hahaha