Art can is subjective. As are many other things… Graffiti can be easily dismissed by others, yet a legitimate art form. It teaches us to be resilient and dare… To those who know, understand and appreciate it, it is valuable and valid. Waiting for everyone all the the time to validate your craft and or […]

The Romance In Doing Things That Matter

The only thing romantic about doing things that matter, about changing the world, is the idea of romance. The thought of doing anything of significance can excite many, if pitched right. With this I would include the skew perception of passion. The actual work is not romantic at all. It is the “product” or outcome […]

And, They Gather

Clouds. I like them. I like them more when they are more than ornaments of the big blue. I really like them when they bring rain and relief from the summer heat. There are things that are OK as ornaments but even better when they’re functional ornaments. I love things that add value by function […]

A Kryptonite For Leaders And Organizations

I’m a fan of obvious. I even did an entire post about why leaders need to make things obvious. Cool. Right? Yes. The reason I like obvious is because it is, well obvious. Not only that, it is way better and cooler than ambiguous. In case you’re still not sure: Ambiguity is an enemy to […]