Good Tired; Reboot

Just came out of a hectic few days. Again, something I’ve been working through: How to keep “rebooting” myself after an intense-ish period of output, and be even more creative and productive. Every leader must be in touch with themselves to deal with this question. This means also being a student of oneself. It means […]

Reset For Productivity

My present roles has me doing hard resets at a seeming jarring rate. (I’m loving it!) The challenge is flipping between abstract / conceptual / “artistic” to concrete and tangible on varied and numerous projects all at the same time. This has forced me to pay attention to what I need to do to “stay […]

The Challenge Of Now

Leaders, well, everyone for that matter, must avoid moving forward to the past. This is when leaders (and organisations they serve) are in motion but with focus and attention on the past. This can be partly due to leaders not reflecting, as way of avoiding past failures, as well as seeing what can be garnered […]

Waste and Or Recycling

Some things can be reused. Some need to go through some processes to be reusable and others not so much. Then there’s waste. Some things cannot and do not deserve to be reused. They are simply to be discarded and not to be resurrected. They don’t deserve an extra shot at life. This applies to […]

At A Time, In Time

One of your frustrations as a leader, at some point, if not all the time, is not being able to do everything at one go. I hate constraints. Managing and or leading is almost a management of constraints. I hate that I can’t make everything happen at one go. If only it was that easy. […]