An Overlooked Dynamic In Assessing Meeting Effectiveness

The worst thing any leader could do is miss opportunities for learning.┬áBeing among more seasoned leaders in a series of meetings this week taught me a lot. Meetings are only worth what they produce. Justification for spending time and other valuable resources for meetings is when meetings help move you closer to goals and vision. […]

‘Bright And Early’ Is A Contradiction | Innovation

‘Bright and early’ is a contradiction. Anyone that has woken up early, really early, will tell you it is not bright. If you wake up early enough, you will either see little or no sunlight at all. As much as this applies to the sun at the start of the day, it applies to innovation […]

How To Protect Yourself From Sharing Ideas Prematurely

Since I wrote How To Protect Your Ideas From Yourself, I’ve received a lot of requests asking for a follow-up. Specifically, How to stop yourselves from sharing ideas prematurely or with the wrong people. In his book Business Stripped Bare – Adventures of a Global Entrepreneur, Richard Branson┬ámade a joke about inventing a device that […]

Momentum, Stopping, Starting; Repeat?

Momentum enhances traction. Whether in general life or leadership, it is desirable for propelling us. In fact, leaders often wrestle with the question on how to build great momentum. In personal lives we wonder how to get momentum for new ventures we’ve taken on and at other times for things we’ve been at for a […]

How You’re Sabotaging Your Vision

Leaders are guardians of vision. Leadership’s responsibility is ensuring that vision is realized. Vision is the why; the why organizations exist. The why is the reason organizations gather resources and arrange them. While leaders are responsible for vision, they can sabotage their vision. Leaders often work hard to guard vision by sabotaged by external forces […]