Value Translation

The forex exchange exists to translate the value of one currency from one environment to another. I don’t really understand how they arrive at the value of US$1 being different from one place to another. But, the fact stands; a US$1 in the U.S. does not bear the same value in South Africa. ‘Value translation’ […]

Which Leadership Style is Best?

Not all people are the same. Leaders are also people and, as a result, are also not the same. Every leader has a different personality, worldview and disposition on different things. The common thing to all leaders is that they exist to lead [Click to Tweet] That is why¬†they are there. This leaves how to […]

Why You Must Respect Your Work

Doing something repetitively can be enabling force in getting better at whatever you do. On the other hand, if we are not careful the same repetition can be seeds for apathy. Repetition is not a bad thing in itself; it is how we manage the times of iteration. Apathy is not the only possible fruit […]

Reflections From We Run Jozi – Part One (The Crowd)

I will be doing a series from my experience(s) and reflection from Nike’s We Run Jozi. Subscribe by email or RSS to ensure you don’t miss a post in this series ;-) Running a long distance race has always been one of those dreams I’ve had. After my experience I now have a better idea. […]

Lessons From Preparing for We Run Jozi 10k

This post is a part of the We Run Jozi Series¬† I’m not as passionate about running as I am about squash (the sport). I would rather play squash than run. Despite this, I signed up to run Nike’s We Run Jozi 10 kilometer run. I’ve always wanted to run a ten and twenty kilometer […]