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What You Measure vs. What Is Important

Assessing progress is important in order to measure the investment in resources you’ve made. You are not going to be aware of misappropriation of your resources if you never stop to measure your performance in your set key result areas.

Teams and organizations that never stop to take stock of every resource and energy investment miss out on hidden opportunity that could result from such activity.

Your team must be able to justify their endeavors; without any forms of measurement that is not possible. You cannot better something that is never measured.


Leadership Lessons From Julius Malema in Lonmin Tragedy

Being discharged as the African National Congress’ (ANC) youth leader has not stopped Julius Malema from gracing platforms on what has been dubbed the Marikana / Lonmin Tragedy. According to Mail & Guardian and News 24, Malema blamed the government for the “massacre”.

He is also said to be assembling a legal team to help free 200 arrested miners. It is a tragedy that people’s lives have been lost. I do not in anyway condone the violence and deaths. However, I am ‘intrigued’, to say the least by the (seeming) support the miners have for Julius Malema as he steps in as one of them.

There are leadership lessons from Julius Malema’s involvement in the aforementioned. (Note: I DO NOT support Malema and or his statements, I am only making observations about leadership)

leadership lessons from malema in lonmin tragedy


Leadership ceases when the leadership and follower chasm is created. I am not suggesting there cannot be distinction between the two, but that once a leader says lauds it over the people that he is the leader his credibility takes a knock.

Malema has ‘identified’ with the miners. You cannot effectively lead people you do not identify with. The presence of, “we’re in this together” in word or deed can be strong glue in a team.


In his book, Tribes: We Need You To Lead Us, Seth Godin says that people need and seek leadership. From all the reports I have read on the Lonmin tragedy there has not been one leader that has been quoted. (Perhaps it is bad reporting or I’m reading the wrong papers).

Malema shows up and voila! The miners have a “face”. The point? People need leadership and when they become aware of this respond to the first sign of leadership. Besides the “leader tittle” are you really leading?


People respond to bold statements and vision. They will pursue something that is greater than them. Leaders must not just make bold statements but compliment them with bold action.

Those you lead will respond to bold actions because they do not like not knowing where you stand. Leader, having a clear stance that some may not like is better than being unclear on where you stand.


You cannot be an effective leader without communication. Though not many like it, Malema communicates. He says whatever is on his mind and has no one wondering what he is thinking.

To be effective in your role as a leader, your communication must be priority. Communicate with those you lead.

Communicate with those whom your movement or cause implicates. Communicate to win those that are not part of your cause. Communicate to anyone that will listen.

Communicate to those that do not want to listen to you till they cannot ignore you. Communicate, communicate and communicate!

illustration by royblumenthal | cc 

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Getting Voicemail Right

I am not always available to answer my mobile phone. I’m either in a meeting or training session or driving and on rare occasions I forget switch the ringer back on and it just happens not to be in my pocket.

On those occasions I cannot give attention to a call, I’ve “asked” voicemail to take messages for me… Somehow, the “subconscious me” feels if someone can’t get a hold of me, leaving a voice message says, “it’s important we connect” etc.

Sometimes leaving a voicemail may be the only opportunity for you or the sender to communicate something urgent before they’re also unavailable. The point of leaving voice messages is to at least communicate something.

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Challenges Make The Win Sweeter

For the last few Mondays I’ve shared lessons from the road and squash court. For some reason that is where I seem to find myself  in reflection almost effortlessly.

Perhaps the reason it is those two places is it is in those moments I disconnect from the usual bustle. Have you noticed places where you easily can disconnect and reflect? I think it is those kind of places where complexity ceases to be daunting.

Productivity takes on a new face when we’re in environments that encourage it. Sometimes changing my environment has made significant difference between getting things done and the adverse. I played a game of squash which reminded me about one of the reasons winning matters for us.

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About Time

I had an opportunity to go to Mozambique recently. I remember the countdown I did a few days before departure. As part of my preparation for the trip there were some things I had to see to before leaving. I was also reminded on some things about time.

I remember brainstorming with one of my team leaders about plans for meetings that were going to take place in my absence. I also attempted, to the best of my abilities, to prioritize some of the things in my diary at the office. I shuffled things up and down the priority and important lists.