When Others Pass Judgment On You

Not too long ago I wrote a post about what to consider before you pass judgement or critique. Since that post, I’ve had numerous requests to consider writing about being on the receiving end of ‘judgement’ or critique. Existence is enough reason to make you candidate for being judged or critiqued.
I say this often and will say it again, “you are never going to be right all the time every time”. Judgement or critique is inevitable. We earn some of it. Perhaps deserve it. Conversely, we may be clueless about its origins and reasons behind it. So, what are you supposed to do when others pass judgement on you?
when others pass judgment on you
being judged or critiqued does not condemn you to whatever you’re judged as forever; it is your decision || image by jkbeitz | cc


Foremost, you must acknowledge that you do not have total control over people and their perceptions.
It is pointless and, exhausting, trying to get everyone on the same page as to what they should believe about you, your cause and enterprise. However not having total control does not mean you have none. Doh! Do only what you canon managing others’ perceptions.


Critique can be an amazing tool for growth for your person and leadership. Sometimes judgement on us stings. Sometimes because of the truth in it. At other times because of the lack of truth in them. You’ve heard this before but a reminder is always beneficial.
Be ruthless in addressing changes the critique may warrant. Not only that, be equally brutal with what is irrelevant by discarding it and not giving it any valuable attention and energy. In other instances some critique could be just what is needed to save your organisation.

Without a complaint your vision can die.

Someone always has a better idea about how you should be or how to do what you do. Frankly, there are times they are right. Sometimes negative critique could be indicative that we are not doing what we should be. It could also mean that we are trying to be what we are not. Critique can be a medium of learning.



Burying your head in the sand does not make judgment or critique irrelevant or go away. Acknowledge it will always be there. Don’t take everything personally. See each judgment as either an opportunity for growth or a ‘traffic calming device’ that slows you down but you move past. Whether critique makes you bitter or better is all up to you.



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