Metrics are a difficult thing because of many variables in different contexts. There are those obvious things. The ones that don’t need or solicit much debate. Then there are those things that are neither here nor there. The subjective ones. It is the ones where everyone with the opinion has a strong one. And, all are opposing. Every rating system has its nuance.

Leadership is about determining what to keep in sight; what (should) matter(s).

The challenge of leadership is figuring out whose opinion matters. To lead effectively, every leader must decide whose opinions and what metrics will matter. Every leader must wrestle with what is right for his enterprise. The challenge is that some things determine success and failure…

No leader will get everything right all of the time. The best he can do is make the best decision he knows how and why. The worst any leader can do is not act.

Choose your metrics and whose rating system you’ll accept. You will make mistakes but make a decision so that you know how you got to make them. Succeed and you know how to do it again.

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