In the previous post (the bridge between dream / vision & fruition – essential 1) I touched on the first “essential” to seeing the fruition of a dream or vision. I thought I’d do a follow up on the second essential which, together with the first one form a solid and requisite foundation for success.

We often embrace something new with great enthusiasm. Be it a new job, project, campaign etc. There’s a passion that’s ignited as we contemplate the possibilities that newness presents. Truth be told, we generally envision what could be in a vacuum of sort.

We can overlook the adverse reality that could befall our endeavours. It is at the times of adversity that our resolve is tested. It is when you fail to raise sufficient finance to fulfil your obligations.

Or, when you hit that creativity block… Perhaps the instance when the niche you had is now getting overcrowded…

It takes discipline not to get into a panic frenzy and seek alternate means to pave a way forward. It takes discipline for you to continue to do what you know is right and should be doing even when your immediate environment suggests otherwise.

While discipline is an important quality, I think it is a by product. It doesn’t take discipline to be committed.

Discipline is evidence of commitment.

When we’re constantly failing at something because we let our guard down, we shouldn’t be examining our discipline. I think we ought to be looking at our commitment.

Staying committed to see things through may just be the difference between seeing vision fulfilled or forfeited.

Commitment is what will cause one to look beyond the now, making the unpleasant present insignificant. If you are going to see your vision fulfilled you don’t have a choice but to stay committed to the vision.

This means not abandoning your pursuit when one, two, three, maybe more things don’t work. Commitment is the bedrock and fuel for tenacity, necessary for success.

The Bridge Between Dream / Vision & Fruition – Essential 2…

Your bridge to fruition will never be complete or strong enough without commitment. Perhaps you don’t have a discipline issue but rather a commitment one.

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