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Misty Copeland is now the principal ballerina at The American Ballet Theatre. Being a professional ballerina is an achievement many hope for but few achieve. This is because it is not easy. I don’t know a lot about ballet but I appreciate the art. Besides talent, it takes hard work and a lot of beating of one’s body.

Now, being a principal ballerina is something phenomenonal.  In the video Misty shares her dreams for and through her dance. What strikes me is not what she wants to achieve for herself.

She wants her legacy to inspire  to be of a generational impact. That is huge. She speaks of how people identify with performers. And, how she wants others to dream through her. Wow. That is the essence of inspiration. It is about other people being able to dream through seeing others.

The essence of inspiration is allowing people to dream through you [Click to Tweet]

This doesn’t apply to the arts only. It applies to all disciplines. To life in general. When we do what we do with heart, with all we have, it will inspire others.

We all have the option to do things for our own sake. We can also choose to live beyond ourselves. We cannot touch or move people in a significant way by being indifferent. Being lax with the gifts and dream we have will not make a difference in anyone’s life. Not even our own.

I have said before how I’m not afraid of dying. My greatest fear is living life without inspiring others in a significant way. My life has to count for more than serving my self interests. Like Misty, inspiring others to see their dreams through me.

I want others to look at my life and have no doubt about what they could achieve. I want them to turn the hope I inspire into action, that will, in turn, see others challenged. May genearations after us be better because we didn’t coddle apathy.

Congratulations Misty. Thanks for inspiring me and millions more. You will see your dream. All the best in your endeavors.

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