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Why Work Doesn’t Happen At Work

This is a talk by Jason Fried. I seem to always get more done at home than at the office. There are some other things he brings up. You have to watch it!



I’ve taken away a few more things… hope you got something out too!

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[…] Same Ol’: One of the things that I used to fight is getting bored easily. Now I rest in the wisdom that routine is just not my thing! My creativity tends to suffer when repeating the same thing over again. This is different from the A.D.D. that leaders have. I thrive when I can constantly create new things. To overcome monotony and guard my creativity, I juggle tasks. I also engage in activities that are not related. Every now and then I find it beneficial to go work in a restaurant, tea garden etc. (See also “Why Work Doesn’t Happen At Work”) […]

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