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Reflections On My Blogging In 2013

When it comes to blogging, 2013 has been my most productive year. I’ve blogged more than I ever have. I think I not only created more content but better quality content.

I focused on shipping, that is, getting posts out. I tried to refine thoughts I had within shorter spaces of time. While it may seem I may have compromised quality I actually think it was helpful; I got better insight into my thought process.

While readers may not be able to connect the dots, I can see not only what dominated my thoughts, life and leadership focus at different times during the year. This is important as a leadership growth tool, in my reflection process. Reflection, because, without it leaders move forward to the past.

Blogging helps me think, grow and influence. One of the things I also love about blogging is that it helps me spit in the face of the geographic divide. To connect with people literally all over the world. From my desk in Johannesburg, South Africa I’ve been able to reach countries I never thought I would.

Putting my thoughts out has allowed me to engage with diverse leaders from varied contexts and persuasions. This has been enriching for me and them as we engaged on email, Skype, comments and other platforms.

I’m a global patriot. It  is important for me to be in touch with as much of the world as possible. When I interact with leaders from all those different places as mentioned already, I believe we make the world a greater place.

I find it difficult to go through a day without creating and publishing. Something is amiss when I don’t blog. It’s a craft that is feeding into something greater. Despite me missing a huge goal, a leapI got closer. I will be sharing a little more on that later.

Blogging has taught me discipline and it is an unending challenge to put my bottom in the chair to do the work. For sure, I am more grown up through blogging. In tandem with journaling, although it is a journal of sort as well, it continues to be an important part of my reflection and growth regimen.

This is not a comprehensive post on my reflections. Just a snippet. There is also a commentary on what happened on my blog(s) as well as the practical stuff. My next post will focused on that. So, keep an eye out for it.

If you’re a blogger do share some of your reflections on your blogging and any shifts in the “why” of your blogging career / life. If you’ve read my blog, thank you! and if there’s something you want to share please do…

Ok, everybody just say something in the comments ;-)

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By Blessing Mpofu

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4 replies on “Reflections On My Blogging In 2013”

Funnily. I blogged less in 2013 and spent more time refining what I had to say. The one thing I did focus on like you was getting my butt in the chair and being consistent about writing. Thanks for sharing your insights.

Hoping that the “refining” meant publishing ‘higher’ quality stuff and not a ‘paralysis of the pursuit of THE perfect post’ ;-) the point is to do what works for you and grow while you’re at it. Good on you Wendy. Love your blog and would like to connect with you sometime…

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