More Than Logo; Understanding And Translating Your Brand

Don’t mistake logo for brand. Your logo is not your brand. It is only a part of your brand. It is a representation of who you are. More like the hairstyle you wear that sets you apart from other people.

It is your dress style and your walk that your friends use to spot you from a distance. Because your logo represents you, you must give a great deal of attention to it.

But the attention you give to that representation must not overtake the action that is supposed to reinforce.

You can have a great logo with a bad brand and a bad logo with a great brand.

your brand is more than just one thing; it is a collection of everything you are and do  || image by  Cordey | cc

your brand is more than just one thing; it is a collection of everything you are and do

|| image by Cordey | cc


A great logo will not save your reputation from bad service. A great logo can become a symbol of all things bad no matter how good it is, if the service that backs it fails to meet the needs and expectations of those you serve.

Your brand is the totality of who you are. It is the heart with which you do what you do. It is (what should be) the unique flair with which you make the world a better place.

It is how you live out who you are and who you say you are. Your brand is the experience you create for those you serve as you make your products or services available to them.

Your brand is integrity or the lack of it. It is giving value in a memorable and client considerate service. Or not.

Your brand is an integration of all the systems in your organization. It is how your team serves each other as they work toward delivering to those you serve.

It is not just how you treat your clients; it is also how you treat each other. It is how you interact with your suppliers.

Your brand is reflected in how your team feels in delivering to your target market.

Your team and suppliers must have the same experience you aim to deliver to your clients. That is the essence of brand integrity.

When you think about your brand, do not just thing about how you are perceived by the clients loyal to you. Do not think about how the world sees you but consider the totalities of the experience you give all round.

Who is your “brand self”?

Boldly Be; A Secret To Brand Loyalty

People love brands for different reasons. Like the old saying goes, “Different strokes for different folks”. People have their reasons for preferring brands to others.

The biggest reason people love the brands they do, is because they are a reflection of something about them or something they aspire to. If your favorite brand were a person, it would be the one person you’d take everywhere and want to introduce to everybody you know.

Reasons such as great customer service and value for money constitute some of the justifications people decide to follow and be loyal to brands.

be bullish about your brand

be bullish about your brand

Above all the (lowest) standards for service people appreciate about brands, there is a reason that is rarely acknowledged as one of people love the brands they love.

Nike, Apple, Red Bull, Billabong, Virgin, Nandos, Kulula… you can complete the list with your favorite brand. All these brands have one thing in common that people who love them appreciate.

It is this simple:

One of the biggest reasons people love these brands is that the brands their “brand-selves”. Not only do they love brands because they are themselves but also because they are boldly who they are.

When brands are bold about who they are, they give make it easier for people to decide whether they follow or not. If they do pledge their allegiance to your brand it is likely not a short-term thing.

When a brand is inconsistent with their identity so is affinity and loyalty to their brand.

In the same way you snub people who are one person today and another on a different day, your brand is snubbed if people have to keep guessing who you are. How often do you keep changing aspects of your identity as a brand?

It is important that brands evolve but that is what changes in your brand needs to be: an evolution. Too much rapid change too often can be upsetting to loyalists.

If your brand does need serious renovation do not take too long to do it. However, make sure you are clear about who you are. Declare it up front. Live it boldly and be consistent. How consistent and upfront are you in being you?

In the same way you love people who are themselves, let not your brand be pretentious.

Stop apologizing for who you are as a brand. Just be your “brand self”. Those who will not like you will look for one they like and those you will like you will really like you. They’ll love you.

Remember: not everyone will love you and the best you can do is be boldy your “brand-self” regardless…

The Power Of Clear Sight

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We do not just tell stories, but also show them. If the visual things did not matter, Hollywood would not be as big as it is.

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