So That…

Vision can never become reality without pursuit. While the picture of vision may be romantic, its pursuit is often far from it. Vision without any action to make it a reality is, at best, a great daydream.

Heretic leaders are separated from day-dreamers by pursuit of their vision

Realizing vision is creating change. Change involved activity that we may have not previously been involved in. Leading change may mean starting a few new things.

while actions enable vision being realised, ensure that they do not get in the way
while actions enable vision being realised, make sure that they do not get in the way || image by barryskeates | cc

Many leaders, and enterprises lose plot not only because the clarity of their vision became a blur but also because there is no alignment to the pertinent actions.

A no brainer:

Vision, in its essence, will can only be realized when every action closely works toward it.

The more complex systems get, the easier the temptation to serve the system instead of what it is supposed to do. In order to keep vision clear sight the leader must constantly challenge himself and his team with “So that…” Change must ‘be’ so that…

For every activity you must be able to say, “We are doing x, y, z so that…” Every action, system, strategy, acquisition must ultimately point to the vision. Not only that you must focus on having as few hops to the vision as possible…

That is, though every action makes part of (what should be) an important chain link to getting to vision, it must do so with fewer steps between it and vision. One action must enable another that is close to the ultimate goal.

Complexity compromises vision

Keeping everything to a simple, “we are doing this so that…” is one an easy way to keep vision right in front of you. Focus on your systems and strategies must always be secondary. Vision must be the reason for everything. Before embarking on your next activity ask yourself and your team, “We are doing this so that…”

If there are too many hops between the activity and vision, it is time to simplify. Also, if the answer the answer does not lead to vision, be ruthless with the activity by cutting it off immediately. Be bold. Be /ˈherətik/.

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