By leading change, you create the future. Thus, leaders are always in the future. They walk in the present yet in the future at the same time. In order to get to the future, systems and many other mechanisms are created.

Make no mistake, every system and tool that is developed is not always necessary. Sometimes systems and strategies used are seasonal. Some will be more effective than other systems over time. Others will last a shorter time.

Make how get to your goals destructible; be comfortable to destroy some things to get closer to your goals.

It is easier to hold on to things that work. It is almost effortless to hold on to strategies, tools and systems that really work. One of the challenges of leadership is identifying what needs to be done when and how.

Leaders are not only responsible for determining where the pursuit of their cause should take them next, but they are also responsible for the how. It is important to pay attention to how you meet your goals because it can derail you.

One of the reasons change is feared is because leaders have not paid enough attention to the impact of change they are bringing in relation to its alignment to the vision.

Heretic leaders create change within their enterprises to enable them to bring about change in the world.

You cannot bring about change in the world without allowing change in your enterprise and strategies. We cannot expect to change the world if we cannot change our enterprises. In fact, your enterprise is the means for change in the world.

Thus, you do not have the luxury to make systems and strategies you develop sacred. This means that you must hold very lightly any means you develop to get to the vision. Embrace this simple principle: the means to attaining your vision must not be sacred.

Allow your team to mess your systems up to change them for the greater, so that you are able to make a greater change in the world.

When leaders protect the means more than what the means is supposed to accomplish, i.e. the vision, the end is near for their enterprise.

Be completely sold out to your vision, such that even systems that have worked well and that may still be working well are not off-limits at the possibility of making them greater.

Your mission and vision is, to a greater extent sacred. This means that it is something that doesn’t change. This is not to say that you can’t completely change the focus of your enterprise.

However, the point to this point is that the way you do things is not sacred. In the same you way to endeavour to change something, remember that the how is not sacred. The how is and must never be the end.

Systems and and ways of working are not sacred. They can be changed; hold them lightly and your mission tightly. Be bold. Be /ˈherətik/.

Published by Blessing Mpofu

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