Reading is one way of getting knowledge or wisdom without going through some of the things others have. I read as an important part of my personal growth. Whether blogs or books, I’m generally suspect of anyone, leaders in particular, that don’t read as part of their growth regimen. I thought I’d share some of the books I read in 2013.

I haven’t read half as many blogs and books this year (2013), as I wanted to. Work, and my studies have posed some challenges in this. I’m not saying that all of them were great, neither am I saying they weren’t. The thing is, there are things I learned from all of them. Either in their subject or delivery, and even both.

Whether good or bad, there was something to learn and this not a review of the books just a list, which is not in any particular order.

Without further ado, below is my list:











Wow, I’m not a very fast reader but I didn’t realise how many books I managed to go through until I started making this list.

Note: this list excludes other the ‘spiritual’ books I read, excluding the Bible. Check out the list of ‘spiritual’ books I read here.

I also excluded all fiction books I read. Some of which I technically didn’t read but listened to as audiobooks. I think audiobooks are a great way to go through fiction for two reasons:

1. I don’t have to pay as much attention as non-fiction books

2. I can listen to them while doing something else, e.g. driving or running

I read both Kindle and hard copies. I love both for mediums.

I walk into a bookstore almost every time I go to a mall. I love the feeling of being surrounded by them. I also love having them in my hands, highlighting and scribbling thoughts as my way to engage the author / book and commit it to memory.

I love the convenience of the virtual books as well. I’m that guy who doesn’t think either or but both options. Or should I include all three when we throw the audiobooks into the mix.

If I could read as fast as Ingrid, I probably would go through a book every week. Imagine reading fifty-two books. Some guys believe that you must read a few books over and over and work on practising what you read. Maybe three books a year.

I tried to read as much as I can to extract wisdom and, of course application. I do both. One year I focus on a few books and turn them inside out and other years, like 2013 I’ve focused on reading as much as I can.

Either way, there is something about not only the discipline of reading and the content of books that helps expand your worldview, understanding and thinking processes. These are some of the things that help maturity.

So, this is part of my book reading list for 2013. I hope to publish the blogs I’ve read in 2013… I’ll see…

For 2013, what books made a significant impression on you and why? What’s on your list for 2014 so far?

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      1. Tough because I’ve been trying and really trying to read more. Gotta give up the TV or something else to read more for sure.

        Right now my list is WAY too big! I’m reading Linchpin by Seth Godin right now and Deep & Wide by Andy Stanley is somewhere in there started but not finished.

        1. Deep & Wide is a great book. About time I read Linchpin; I know Seth Godin writes great stuff. I’ve read other books and follow his blog as well…