When Being Thoughtful Does Not Count For Much

You’ve probably heard and said, the saying, “It is the thought that counts”. When it comes to relationships that is not always true. Relationships easily fail because of mere thoughts. Having benevolent thoughts and further thinking you should act on them is where we often end.

You can have great thoughts and intentions but they will never count for much until they are acted upon. Thinking of doing something nice for someone does not automatically count as doing it for them. Being thoughtful is and can only be acknowledged by action. Failed benevolent thoughts in action will always trump great benevolent thoughts that are never acted upon.

When Being Thoughtful Does Not Count For Much
(benevolent) thoughts must be translated into action for them to make a difference || image by striatic | cc


Great intentions alone have never changed anything and never will

Being thoughtful will never count for much unless acted upon. Your (benevolent) thoughts will only count for much when they are translated into action. Only then can thoughts touch others. Thoughts can only change lives when they work not only through our minds but our hands as well. No matter how great your thoughts, they count for nothing if you do not act on them.

Thoughtfulness is only a seed whose fruit is realized in taking action.

Thoughtful people are not considered thoughtful because of the wonderful thoughts they have for others. “Thoughtful” as a word, perhaps misleads people. On the surface it suggests that thinking about something or someone is enough. Mental activity alone does not make a difference unless it is translated to means that allow it to make an impact.

Being thoughtful is measured by actions & not mere mental activity

Stop thinking you are thoughtful and start acting it out. Imagine what could happen to your relationships all round if you stopped thinking, “thoughtful” but started being “(benevolent) action thoughtful”. Being thoughtful does not count for much it is mere thoughts that are never acted on to make a difference.

Wonderful thoughts are only wonderful when they are made visible through action

Action can be a kind deed, or words that you say. Your presence, especially when needed is another way of showing your care. People on see your thoughtfulness in your actions. It must translate to something visible and tangible to others, otherwise it does not mean much to them. Thinking of someone is only the first step in making a difference in their lives. Next time you consider yourself thoughtful consider this:

How visible and tangible is my thoughtfulness?



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