Language | The Currency Of Leadership

At the disposal of every leader are things he trades for the function and or purpose of leadership. It is how a leader wields these tools or means that determines his success and the success of his organisation. Language is one those things: a currency of leadership. It is in what a leader says that… Continue reading Language | The Currency Of Leadership

Lost In Expression

This was a job ad I saw in a newspaper. Imagine that! An earth moving mechanic… I had no idea such existed. Where can I sign up to be that? Communication happens when the message received by the receiver is as intended by the sender There’s always room for misinterpretation. What varies is the degree… Continue reading Lost In Expression

Cost and Value Mismatch

Cost and value. These two are related but often mistaken for each other. The cost of something has to do with what it takes to attain or posses it. Value has to do with its worth. Cost doesn’t determine value per se. Both are very subjective. One of the main reasons is that value is… Continue reading Cost and Value Mismatch

Sixty Caution Potholes – Message Overload

I’m a student of communication in leadership (& yes, life too). There is more than one message I get from this photo I took. The thing is, there is the speed limit sign and a mistake they made was add another message, causing “message overload”. “Message overload guarantees a level of distortion in the messages… Continue reading Sixty Caution Potholes – Message Overload

Team And Organisational Death By Silent Protest

People protest. Having spoken to friends in the past, and recently, it is clearer to me the kinds of protests people make. I’m talking about what people do or say when they’re unhappy with the service a business or organisation offers. It also includes when people are unhappy about something in the teams and organisations they… Continue reading Team And Organisational Death By Silent Protest