No Such Thing As Wasted Effort

When I apply myself I expect to see a return for my effort. None of us want to do something for nothing. We want some sort of return. A reward of sort for energy used. Some gain for all the pain we might have gone through. At different times, for different reasons the results will […]

Sixty Caution Potholes – Message Overload

I’m a student of communication in leadership (& yes, life too). There is more than one message I get from this photo I took. The thing is, there is the speed limit sign and a mistake they made was add another message, causing “message overload”. “Message overload guarantees a level of distortion in the messages […]

Accountability | Dealing With Frustration As A Leader

Leaders who cannot manage frustration are ineffective. No one wants to follow them. One of the least attractive leaders is a tantrum bomb of a leader. A leader’s ability to address frustration in his teams and manage his own is critical for high intensity and performance environments. Leaders who manage frustration well are more likely […]

YOU | Dealing With Frustration As A Leader

As a result of the ongoing series on Leading A Frustrated Team, I’ve received a number of requests from leaders asking me to write about how to deal with frustration as a leader. It is one of those things that cannot be completely separated from leading. Frustration, I mean. You can never address anything that […]