My Year Of Physical Health + Fitness

Rest, stillness, and this time of the year makes me pensive. Many thoughts have crossed my mind as I reflect on 2022 and the many unpredicted significant moments it brought. I’ve only got to the end of the beginning of reflecting on some of the big life events of 2022. We won’t be talking about those here, now, yet. What I want to talk about is the realisation that struck me as I stood up sore from my workout this morning. It had to do with my physical health.

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On What Is Possible To Do

Limitations are inevitable. They’re ubiquitous. Striving for a reality free of limitations is a fallacy. To make progress not every limitation is worth pushing against. Making headway sometimes means negotiating, and even cooperating with them. Everyday I wrestle with, “what is possible?”

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My Productivity Hacks – 2021

There are many things, at different times that help me focus and be productive. Some things work all the time and some are context dependant. I thought I’d share some of my productivity hacks as of today. Share your hacks or tips with me.

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