Zooming In; Blind To So Much More

I still like seeing how buildings and things, maybe even people, stand as individual entities, and how they engage and relate to their surroundings. It’s interesting how we can choose a specific aspect to focus on in relation to something specific.

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Cultivate Empathy; It’s Like A Garden

Empathy is like a garden. It has to be nurtured to grow. For good health it needs to be watered. 

I walk past this parking spot almost everyday and this morning I wondered, “Why do we need to keep being reminded?” To constantly cultivate empathy we also need reminders.

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Appreciating My And Your Influence

Influence(r) is one of the most used words today. It is how some people make their money. The label, whether applied on by self or culture, can be misleading. On the one hand I get it; it’s the means we describe something. But there are some things about the influence(r) language that bug me. To start with, this kind of label or language, undermines the other meanings. We need a reset–to going back to appreciating my and your influence.

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Being OK With Writing For Me, Just Me

Whether I publish or not I can never imagine not writing. I write as a way of thinking. I also do it to start conversations and, in some small way make a difference. I hope my words inspire someone to action. Maybe even make their and our world even greater. I’ve missed writing for me in the recent and short while. 

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