When You Want To Write Something Meaningful

2020 has been crazy. Like you need a reminder {insert eye roll}. News, conversations with Ingrid and friends, being lost in my thoughts in general, has made me want to say something. It’s discouraged and inspired me to want to write something meaningful. Too many of us make the mistake of thinking what we say is important. Sometimes we mistake the urge to say something for saying something worthwhile.

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Posting Dog And Cat Videos? My Message To You

I’ve never written anything like this. I can’t believe I’ve thought about it long enough to follow through with a post. So here goes… I’ll be nice and say, I don’t like cats. Dogs, on the other hand, are the best. For me, the internet + cats = meh. But, internet + dogs = awesomeness. With this, I have a message for those posting dog and cat videos

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The Danger Of Disinformation / Misinformation

The present COVID19 crisis is amplifying the danger of disinformation / misinformation and fake news. Of course the scourge of fake news and conspiracies isn’t new. It’s just that it gets amplified in times like the one we’re living in.

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One Big Thing To Remember About Blogging

I’ve been blogging for a long time here and a few other places. While I continue to write and publish elsewhere, I find it helpful to still do this ‘personal’ blogging. I need the space to write uninhibited. Top process and share my thoughts unfettered. Where I don’t worry about a brand or tone, or persona. One of the reasons I haven’t published as much as I should or want here is that I forget too often. So, this post is about the one big thing to remember about blogging.

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