I still like seeing how buildings and things, maybe even people, stand as individual entities, and how they engage and relate to their surroundings. It’s interesting how we can choose a specific aspect to focus on in relation to something specific.

Zooming in a choice of focus —making  of some things irrelevant .

It’s like how I took this photo—by using the zoom feature on my camera. I, in a sense, made some things irrelevant.

Zooming in is a choice of focus—making of some things relevant and other things irrelevant.

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And, I only allowed you to see minutiae pulled out of a vast, complex and amazing reality. In our seeing we are also blind.

While zooming in helps us see some detail better, we must remember that it can also makes us blind to so much more. The challenge is, while looking at some detail, to remember, at some point, that there is more than what we’re looking at.

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