When Resolution Shouldn’t Be The Point

I’ve said this before: there is and will never be shortage of opinions. While online publishing continues to evolve, some fundamentals don’t. The greatest of these is our humanness. I’m yet to be convinced that social media fundamentally changes us. It only impacts how we express ourselves. This includes opinions and worldviews. Various publishing tools mean we continue to share competing arguments and viewpoints in other means. 

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Two Big Barriers To Resolution

One of the things core and common to our human experience is connection. Relationships, including the lack of, has profound impact on us. This includes both as individuals and in teams, families, organisations and such. And, with relationships, conflict is inevitable. The intensity of conflict varies. Sometimes irritation levels depend on how important the parties involved perceive the issues. Thus, resolution becomes important. There are many things to be mindful of, but I’d like us to explore on some of the big barriers to resolution.

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If You Should Choose Anything

To snooze or not to snooze? That is most likely the decision you started your day with. If you have what Ingrid and I call, “Rich People Problems”, choosing what to wear can be another annoying choice to make at the start of your day. Which, bus, train or route to take to the office? If you should choose one thing over another, what would happen? Choices are inescapable. We will have to make them. Even when we choose not to choose, we’re choosing.

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On Being Picked And Picking Others

I grew up playing cricket, soccer and rugby–team sports. And, when we played in the hood this meant having teams. By some unwritten universal rule, the two best players became captains. And, their task started with picking who would be on their team. There are many ghosts of crushed egos and self-esteems in playgrounds all over the world.

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