I’ve been blogging for a long time here and a few other places. While I continue to write and publish elsewhere, I find it helpful to still do this ‘personal’ blogging. I need the space to write uninhibited. Top process and share my thoughts unfettered. Where I don’t worry about a brand or tone, or persona. One of the reasons I haven’t published as much as I should or want here is that I forget too often. So, this post is about the one big thing to remember about blogging.

It is a reminder for myself, first, and could be for us also. Before going too far on the one big thing to remember about blogging, let me tell you causes the ‘amnesia’. 

Every Point / Aspect / Facet

For some reason I’ve been trying to think through and address every angle when I write. Doing so can be exhausting. And, the thought of it can sometimes be paralysing either at the start or halfway through writing a post. 

The Internet / social media can be ruthless. People reading what we publish can shred somethings as trivial as sharing a thought. From time to time I succumb to the pressure. The desire to be perfect, deep dive into all the crannies and expose every possible crumb to an issue. 

When this happens I end up rabbit-trailing. Distracted because I’m not getting to my main message often ending in dejection. Then, I end up publishing nothing. I end up with tomes of drafts which no other eyeballs, besides mine, see.

This brings me to what the thing to remember about blogging. 

Never Forget This When It Comes To Blogging

It is not to cover every possible aspect. There are tens of millions of books on niche areas of subjects and more are yet to come. What makes me, or you too, think we could cover everything in a single blog, let alone a single post?

There’s a reasons so many are still writing blogs and publishing books. Research in so many disciplines is on-going. Artists are still creating. The reasons, on the surface, are simple. 


As creators we must create. Self-expression for individuals and humanity at large, is an infinite resource. As long as we’re alive, the need to express ourselves will never go away.


We haven’t reached full knowledge of everything. In fact, the more we learn, the more discover how much we don’t know. 

The Big Thing To Never Forget About Creating

Anything published isn’t comprehensive. It’s in no way exhaustive. This could be in depth or totality of the subject or in expression. No matter how well you cover a subject there’s still more. 

This is the thing you and me need to always remember when it comes to creating anything. No one blog or post will be exhaustive in both depth and expression. 

This Means

I need not worry about covering every, single possible angle. Sometimes a wide angle, an overview is enough. At other times, as I want, my approach can be microscopic; examining the minute. 

Whatever it is, I must remember that I’m free to write and publish. Blogging is like a slow burn. Rumination over time. Expression and research unfolding. It’s the process of unveiling and understanding and not the conclusion. It’s how we process toward conclusions. 

Note to self: Write. Publish. 

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