So, I’m running my first marathon, ever. This year (2023) was the first time I ran 21.2 kilometres, and I did that in a half marathon race. Of course, I didn’t just get up and go run it, I trained for it. After running The Two Oceans Half Marathon, I joked about setting my sights on a full marathon. The truth is I only half-joked, and I am going to run The Cape Town Marathon later year. 

How Did I Get Here?

2022 was an important year for my health. It’s the year I made some important changes to my health. And one of those changes, included exercise. Running was, and continues to be one of the things that feature in my physical and mental health routines.

After running the Two Oceans Half Marathon, I went back to my ‘normal’ fitness runs. This includes Park Runs, which have now become a Saturday morning feature for me. Somehow I wanted a little more.

Why Am I Running A Marathon?

Why not? 

There was a focus from my half-marathon I started missing. I also wanted a challenge. Another half marathon would have been fine but I wanted something that would also scare me a little. Make me stretch a little. Stretch. LOL. Two training runs in, and I wonder if I have scared myself a little too much. That doesn’t matter because it’s on. 

It is something I have never done. The goal makes it easy for me to sustain focused and consistent exercise. That thing about physical health again. Is preparing for a marathon something people need to do to stay fit? No. But this is one of the ways I focus. Challenge focuses me. 

Sharing The Journey

It’s been a while since I was consistent in sharing a lot of personal stuff online. There are some things I have shared with people close to me. So, why ‘document’ and share?

A couple of friends asked me to and I said I would. Also, this is a great opportunity to have a creative outlet and flex some writing muscles. Photos and video content will feature on my Instagram. I have already started this stories highlight for what doesn’t reel or post and my YouTube (LOL). 

I hope the (added) discipline of documenting in will help me prepare better. This might also be a great way to keep me accountable in some way.

I am no super athlete; I am a ‘normal-average’ person. Coach Bennet in the Nike Running app says anyone who runs is a runner. I have run on-and-off for years and I have only considered myself a runner recently. I hope sharing the journey will encourage others to do something for their wellness.

I hope I do not annoy, over-post, or, as Ingrid calls it, spam” people on the socials. You can subscribe to my blog for the updates, or on the Insta, YouTubes and even Mastodon.

I will share training, and whatever else I experience and or think about as I do pre-marathony stuff. And, we will see whatever else comes up.

Run Train Scared

Again, this is my first marathon. I am kinda scared. I will run scared to my first start and finish line of The Cape Town Marathon. Updates to follow, later. 👊🏽

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