Planning, if done right, helps make vision happen. All planning and activity resulting from it must be in alignment with the vision. It is an attempt to have it all figured out, in a sense.

There must never be doubt in the minds of leaders and their teams on the relation of their actions to vision.

Having said all this, many leaders either do not get started or get stuck because they seem not to be able to have everything completely figured out.

Leadership paints the picture where people ought to go. Leaders also get people started. However, that leaders always and should always have everything figured out is far from the truth.

Sometimes what gets heretics active is a need they see. It could be an injustice they see that moves them so strongly that they have to do something about it.

Great decisions can be taken at planning and action stages, they are not restricted to planning phase alone

Great decisions can be taken at planning and action stages, they are not restricted to planning phase alone.

Trying to figure out everything before starting will get you stuck. As long as your direction is right, the important thing is not always have everything figured out. The responsibility of leaders is ensuring that they get closer to the vision.

There are things that you are only going to figure out when you are in motion. Not everything will make sense until you get to the work.

Some obstacles are like the pools of water that appear on tar in the distance on a hot day. They disappear the closer you get to them. Not all anticipated hurdles are real hurdles.

The challenges that turn out not as we had imagined are overcome by showing up where we anticipated them to be.

No leader always has everything figured out all the time. Heretics act toward a goal without having figured out everything.

Your focus does not always have to figure every aspect of our plan. It involves a commitment to continually working plans that draw you closer to vision.

There are times you can’t have it all figured out. In those times some action will be better than none. Don’t wait to get it all figured out. Dare. Start.

There are times where your focus should not be figuring out an entire plan, but simply the next step. When you feel stuck the first way to get unstuck is figuring out the next step not hatching the entire plan. Be bold. Be /ˈherətik/.

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