In challenging the status quo, to make things greater, you have to pay careful attention to some things. You must be focused. Your focus determines how well you will change your world, and the world at large.

Focus means choosing to pay attention to some things. At the same time it means be intentional about ignoring about other things. Doh.

Things You Shouldnt Pay Attention To, In Changing The World

If you’re going to change the world, you just have to ignore some stuff:

The Haters

Haters are going to hate. You’ve heard this before… Be careful not to fall in the trap of pursuing approval from everybody. There are times heretics have to choose between making things greater and being loved by everyone.

Most people’s general disposition is a dislike and push back to change. Unfortunately nothing can be any better without change. Ignore the critics. They’ll hate on you today and pat your shoulder tomorrow.

Can I?

You should ignore your self-doubt. You must ignore your self-doubt. Self-doubt has been the assassin for greater things in too many people. The world, cause and the discipline you want to make a difference in does not need any more people paying attention to their self-doubt.

Doubting yourself does not serve you or the world any good.

If you fail you in your attempt to make the world a greater place, you and the world will be better for your attempt. Dare. [Click To Tweet]


Your Cause

Contradiction? Not at all. You should care, deeply, passionately, about your cause. What you shouldn’t care about is how insurmountable the challenge ahead of you seems.

When you pay too much attention to how difficult it will be to make a difference you might never start. You’re likely to spend a lot time in self-talk and most of your self-talk is likely to lean toward abandoning your cause completely.


One of the things that stop people from doing things that matter is a lack of resources. In many instances you’re not always going to have every resource you need in abundance.

Care about getting what you need to pursue your cause, but don’t make it the reason you pursue making the world better or not.

Care more about your cause than your resources. Lack can be the mother of innovation. If you wait till you have everything you need you might never start.


Focus on what you need to do not what stands in the way. Care enough about making your world, the world at large a better place more than how obstacles may hinder you.

Be boldBe /ˈherətik/.

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