* Update this post was from a different project, which has since been shut down. There are some other future projects he and I are likely to work on still. Stay tuned. For now, you can still follow Michael on Twitter.

I’m probably one of the most spoilt people on earth. I’m privileged; surrounded by amazing people. Ingrid stands out as number one. She’s amazing. She’s taught me a lot about being real. About being pragmatic… Wait, this isn’t about Ingrid though.

Before Ingrid there was Michael. I honestly think I got the best and coolest little brothers in the entire world. I wish I were him when I was his age. He’s amazing.

His perspective on a lot of things is way above his age. He has a very unusual angle on leadership as well. I’m a ‘little’ older <cough> than Michael yet I keep learning from him about what it means to lead. To serve. To walk in humility.

Compared to my lil’ bro I’m not passionate. He takes the whole meaning of passion to the next level. He sees potential in people and wants to bring it out.

He’s a young leader worth noting. He studied at the University of Cape Town. In his first year he studied media. Despite him excelling in it he chose to ditch it in favor of law and politics.

One of the things he reminded me of was to be true to who you are as you lead yourself. Chasing after what you’re passionate about challenges those you lead to do the same.

Mikey now works does research and communications in the Mother City. Expect him to be happening to Leadership Heretic as things go to the next level.

He has a very unique lens on leadership. A true heretic. He has a fresh and rare perspective on leadership he’ll be sharing with us. His posts are guaranteed to make you rethink a lot of things leadership. Stay tuned.

This is part of some game changing things on Leadership Heretic.

There are some earth shattering, world-changing things coming up in the next few months so stay tuned. Would you do me a favor and give a warm welcome and love to Michael. Drop a comment to welcome him and get in touch with him on Twitter. He’s looking forward to connecting with you.

Expect… Michael


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