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The future is often viewed as something distant. Involving a journey of some sort. It is perceived as ‘that place’ we will get to and get to where certain things happen. Some of the “certain things” said to be for the future are seen a lofty.

We dismiss them as unattainable in the now because of their uhm, ‘futuristic nature’. In fact dreams and goals that seem rather lofty, perhaps unimaginable and subsequently unattainable, are excused from being achieved now and pushed into ‘the future’.

It so happens that many people, and, specifically, leaders rob themselves of opportunity to give to their enterprise and humanity significantly because they always lock away (seemingly) lofty dreams in the ‘future vault’.

Leadership is about causing change that advances teams and ultimately humanity. Locking up ideas, you know the ones that everyone, including yourself, sometimes considers ‘insane’, in the ‘future vault’ is tantamount to sabotage of your vision and those it (ought to) serves.

future vault
the future is often never realised but locked away in leaders ‘future vaults’, excuses for not acting and ceasing it, bringing it into ‘the now’ || image by psicologiaclinica | cc

Leadership is about peering at the edge of the bounds of our present light to see what others are not seeing. It is about creating. If a leader sees only as much as those he leads, he is not really leading. Leadership is about seeing the future, pointing it out to others and securing it. Ideas are the foundation of shattering the status quo. The status quo must be shattered for the new to come in. That new becomes the future.

Ideas can never have significant impact for the greater if made inaccessible, even by the dreamers themselves. Locked up in the ‘future vault’.

The future vault is often the result of leaders giving in to fear. Cowardice never accomplished much but paralyze leaders and rob enterprises of achieving their vision. The ‘future vault’ is where leaders put the future on hold and give it no chance to challenge their leadership.

When leaders’ leadership is not challenged, no growth happens, the status quo is maintained and nothing new comes along. ‘New’ is ‘the future’ that we’re always hoping for.

Heretic leaders guard vision and the means of realizing it. On the other hand, the future vault, where excuses for not being bold in creating the future live, must be shattered. It is the responsibility of heretic leaders to guard against deteriorating to managers. Managers are great experts at filing.

They love record of the past and want to follow the same path, repeating what is predictable. Leaders love, start and lead change. This is how they define the future. If you are going to do anything significant, for your enterprise, for humanity, you cannot have a future vault. Be bold. Be /ˈherətik/.

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  1. Ohsim!!! Brilliant topic dude! My issue is that I want all my future vault ideas to happen now.. he he he.. Ive realised that living out your dreams is more exciting than being afraid of them

    1. re: living out dreams more exciting than being afraid… so true. that is the other side of the coin. going beyond your fears to lead boldly is at the heart of heretic leadership. stay tuned, future posts will explore more on dealing with bring the dreams here and now ;-)