Nothing is as fulfilling as achieving what you set out to. Well, perhaps exceeding. Leadership is key in accomplishing. Leaders are orchestra conductors. They bring everything together. They are clear on what ought to happen when. They are custodians of harmony.

Harmony is the goal, but sometimes not the result. One of the worst nightmares for leaders is getting to the end of a process and realising that what they’ve built is not what they wanted to build. Sometimes intentions do not align with outcomes.

Some leaders get incapacitated by fear of missing the mark and become over-cautious. Rather the leader who understands risks involved and sets out regardless. When failure is the outcome, great leaders mourn their failure and do something about it.

Times will come when leaders and teams have to rebuild from the ground up. Sometimes leaders must ignore the pride teams show in their labour and task them to rebuild from the ground up for the sake of building something greater.

Things don’t need to have completely fallen apart in order to rebuild from the ground up. Some leaders are happy with what is working. “Don’t fix what’s not broken” is their mantra. They overlook that because something is working good doesn’t mean it’s the best it could be.

That’s OK for them. Not you.

Go ahead, rebuild from the ground up.

Building from the ground up is also the way of innovation

Things happen. Everything you’ve being working hard to build can crash. Obliterated beyond salvation. When you build something you’re passionate about, you can become very attached to it. It gets knit into your heart, the fabric of your most significant attempts ever.

When leaders become that attached to something it is easy for them to spend time trying put the pieces back together. At times, it is more worthwhile to rebuild from the ground up than to try to fix what’s been destroyed.

You’ve built from the ground up before. You will need to do it again. Either to rebuild things in a more scalable or way or to restore what has been obliterated.

New ventures are just that, new. Building from the ground will never be separated from innovators. From building for the greater. It is part of innovation and advancing. When needed, embrace it. Build from the ground up. Be boldBe /ˈherətik/.

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