It doesn’t take much to searching to see some of the brokenness plaguing humanity. In some ways it seems humanity is at war with itself. Nothing is new under the sun. Fixating on injustice alone will drive the best of us insane. In the darkness, besides outrage at injustice, is an instinctual search for light. All of us want justice and peace. Peace that is more than rest from violence on us and others. But a sense of wholeness.

Things being right. Though we articulate this in different ways, we all have a sense of what this means. The world and humanity being right with itself. Peace, justice, wholeness. Despite the work we put it to make it right, this trio seems to evade us. Everyone in the world wants one form or another of these three things. I’m in no way suggesting that these are all the world needs. They are that much more needed today.

Sometimes the bad news is like someone drowning, straining for a little air. News is rarely encouraging. Rarely any life there. Every now and then in the fake news infested social media platforms is a feel-good story. Someone does something kind. We take a break from trolling each other, like, comment and even share.

We talk about how that is the kind of story we need. People being nice to each other and going the extra mile for each should be the norm. It’s sad how it seems to be the new news. What if we were kind to each other it became boring?

What if being sacrificial for someone else’s good became mundane?

I’d take that boring world over the one of constant outrage. I’ll have me some peace, justice and kindness any day over the drama of getting even.
What if we were other people’s miracles? What if we were good news to other people. What if we were not only outraged with injustice and pursued justice?

It is not impossible. Loving out neighbours, being thoughtful aren’t beyond us. Kindness isn’t difficult. It is selfishness and hate take more work.

What if we chose love over hate? What if…

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