The bane of some of my mornings. I don’t get how they all go through the same machine, dryer or washing line but only always seems to go AWOL.

I try to take extra care but there’s always that one that gets away. Is anyone putting GPS trackers and “Locate Sock” devices yet? I’d make that man or woman rich.

How come they never go missing as a pair?! It always has to be one. Another mystery of the universe…

I have thought about tying them together through the getting washed and dried process but I want them to wash properly…

Does this ever happen to you?


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  1. All of my socks are black, so I never run into this problem. They always match.

    1. thanks for reaching out and helping a brotha! why didn’t I ever think about that? from now on I’m going to buy the same squash and running socks and then get dress socks that look alike. you legend Roger!