Not only is there a wrong way of being right, there’s also a right way of being wrong. We’re all fumble and stumble. It is inevitable. A question we will have to to answer is, “how to respond when we’re wrong?” This will apply for every time we get it wrong.

Own It

This is the biggest one. When we don’t acknowledge that we are wrong we stall our own progress. There is no way we can grow unless we acknowledge that we need to. Taking responsibility is the foundation of the right way of being wrong.

Taking responsibility means commitment to making things right. In relationships, it means asking for forgiveness. Part of asking for forgiveness is doing what it takes to make amends.

For both life and leadership owning being wrong is a matter of integrity and credibility. There are times we will be so wrong it is clear for all to see. Pride and unhealthy egos can cause us to deny. It is in those moments it takes courage to admit being wrong.

Unlike what some think, owning our wrong is where we either gain or lose credibility. In sense being wrong is one of the currencies of leadership.

Mud Sling

When we get mud on us we ought to be careful not sling it. It can be tempting to get mud on others so that we are not wrong on our own. Resist the temptation. Because you might look bad doesn’t mean you need to make others bad as well.

The right way of being wrong is to take the heat due to you. We shouldn’t make ourselves look good by making other bad. Leave others out of it and take responsibility for your junk.

Fine Line

There’s a fine line between giving reasons and justification. If required to, give reasons but don’t try to reason your way out. Give the valid and pertinent information or reasons without justification. Because not to cross the fine line into justification.

Justifying the wrong undermines any apology (Click to Tweet)

Justifying, at the end of the day says, “it wasn’t my fault”. This is bad when you contributed to the wrong or when you’re just plain wrong.


So, the right way of being wrong is owning it. It is about taking responsibility for being wrong. Own your part without making others bad. Give reasons where required but don’t overstep into justification.

Happy life and leadership ;-)


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