Why You Have No Power To Make Your Vision Happen

There is not one thing that determines whether your vision happens. Wait. There is one thing that determines whether you fulfill your vision. More in a moment…

Pursuing your cause involves bringing together many things to make one machine. It involves bringing together a team, finding resources and getting word out about who you are and what you do.

A greater world and enterprises cannot be created without change. The greater comes to be when the status quo is shattered.

Heretics are those who challenge and shatter the status quo to make way for the greater.


image by  billsoPHOTO | cc
image by billsoPHOTO | cc


Challenging the status quo is already a challenge on its own because people’s general disposition toward change is resistance.

Everyone bringing about change will have opposition. Every heretic has to guard against giving in despite challenges faced.

When it looks like you are not winning what are the reasons you give. Are you at the point of giving up?

List all your challenges. List everything that is in the way of your vision.

When you start acknowledging some things as the reason you cannot do what you have initially set out to do, you have handed over the power to make your vision happen to them.

The reason you feel helpless when it comes to making your vision happen is because you have handed over the power to make it happen.

Anything you magnify as a reason you cannot make your vision happen owns you. It will dictate more and more, the more permission you give it.

Sometimes it is people we use as your reason. It can be your own inadequacies, your fear or risk. Or is the bad apples in you team?

Every heretic wonders whether they are what they need to be to achieve what needs to be achieved.

Back to the beginning… the one thing that determines whether you will make your vision happen is you.

Stop looking for permission from everyone to change things for the greater. Act now and they will thank you later.

You are the one who determines what or who has the power to hold you back. Who have you given the power to dictate whether your vision happens? Be bold. Be /ˈherətik/.


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