Humbled is how I feel, right now. Today I spent the day with emerging leaders that have been, are and will be influencing the African continent through film…


They are the gatekeepers of culture. They have a say on what becomes culture through the music videos, television productions, documentaries and movies they have made and are going to continue making. They represented a number of countries and I’m privileged to be allowed to speak to them on being leaders.


I’m humbled to have spent time with them engaging on the kind of leaders Africa needs. We also talked about areas we need to grow in as individuals leaders in order to make a lasting and significant impact.


Change, in Africa is not going to come about through looking only to political leaders. Change can also be influenced through media. Our focus has been too much on the political leaders, who have been, in general, mostly a let down. Perhaps we have expected too much of politicians.


Culture gatekeepers such as the leaders I met today need to be included in defining a greater future for our continent. To every person I met today:


I am humbled to have the privilege to serve you. I am also excited to see the work you continue to do. Be great stewards of the influence you have.


While it will take people passionate about Africa to make a difference, passion is not enough. Passion is only a part of the equation. It will take influencers such as the ones I’ve met to have great passion, character and courage.


The task ahead is not going to be an easy one. Turning around a continent will take combined effort from everyone acting in their areas of speciality and passion. Everyone has something to give.


After being int he presence of the calibre of African leaders I met today, I’m hopeful. Expectant. Excited.


Viva la revolución! A luta continua! (The struggle continues)


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