To snooze or not to snooze? That is most likely the decision you started your day with. If you have what Ingrid and I call, “Rich People Problems”, choosing what to wear can be another annoying choice to make at the start of your day. Which, bus, train or route to take to the office? If you should choose one thing over another, what would happen? Choices are inescapable. We will have to make them. Even when we choose not to choose, we’re choosing.


Sometimes we have to exercise our choices in the confines of circumstance. Even with restrictions choices give us a chance to shape outcomes. Because of factors we can or cannot predict, in the end, things go one way or another. Our lives and organisations are often shaped by our choices.

This is one of the reasons we agonise over decisions we have to make. What if we choose wrong? Some of the most difficult decisions are ones that have nothing to do with wrong or right. We want our choices to be ideal against many factors. They should move us forward, better the lives of those close to us, and change the world. Greatest impact.

The Power of Choice

I wish I could offer great wisdom. The silver bullet of choosing right, every, single, time, but can’t. In fact, I started writing this with the goal of not talking about the difficult stuff like this post, for example. Anyway, I was thinking about the simpler choices. Decisions we should make more often. If you should, choose

  • Empathy over indifference.
  • To encourage than tear down.
  • When angered, choose measured and thoughtful responses over emotionally charged ones.
  • A smile over a scowl.
  • To listen, to really listen instead of a soapbox for your opinions.
  • Kindness over cynicism.
  • Carefully the first words you say to yourself and others at the start and end of your day. Just choose your words carefully all day, every day.
  • Decide to be careful with your words and thoughtful with your actions.
  • To help one person because you can’t help many.
  • Coffee over tea. 😉

Choose to live and lead consciously. May your choices be great.

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