Change is inherently contrary. To change your world, the world, you must be comfortable going against the culture in which you or your cause exists. Why must you pay attention to the culture? The Answer is rather simple. Because culture is what sustains anything. Paying homage to culture is about understanding its impact and how it defines everything. This is the work of leaders.

Culture is both inclusive and exclusive. be prepared to be excluded as you exclude others by the culture you create [Tweet this]

A clearly defined and guarded culture preserves not only your values but also your enterprise. Heretic leaders must clearly identify what they want to create. Then they acknowledge and embrace the fact that whatever it is, it is contrary. If what you are doing or intend to do is not contrary there is no change; without change there is not leadership.

Culture is both inclusive and exclusive. Be prepared to be excluded as you exclude others by the culture you create

If you are not leading change you’re not leading | [Tweet this]

Not only does culture sustain things it ultimately creates identity. To change the identity, change the culture. To separate your enterprise from the culture you exist in, change the culture. It is not only your cause and or products that will separate you from the others, your culture.

The great thing about culture is that you can define it; through it, you can decide what will live and who you will be | [Tweet this]

Instead of teaching and forcing yourself, firstly, what you ought to do and how you must be, identify and learn the principles behind each of them. The principles you allow to rule are the principles that will define your culture and who you are. What you consistently permit becomes who and what you do.

You define culture, and then it defines you | [Tweet this]

Finally, on culture, stop trying to fit in. You cannot lead change and keep things the same simultaneously. Define and establish culture; that is what will determine whether something lives or dies.

Look beyond the actions and behavior you want for yourself and your enterprise and rather embrace the principles that produce the behavior; that will last longer. So, how do you want to be perceived? How do you want to be distinguished? Start by paying attention to culture. Be bold. Be /ˈherətik/.

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