I can’t remember the last time I bought a (traditional / hard copy) magazine. Blogs are my thing. I like the convenience of reading and accessing many on one device.

Some publications have gone digital but for some reason I still find magazines, as in their format and presentation a little ‘plastic’. I can’t give you too many reasons for this. Besides, it is not the purpose of this post.

Irrelevance is subjective. Take magazines for example…

The reason some magazines are still around is that they are still relevant to some. While I may consider vinyl records outdated and irrelevant some still go out of their way to not only acquire but spend a whole lot more than they would on the digital alternatives.

Because the demand for vinyl record is not great it may not be viable for most businesses to make them. Relevance can be divorced from viability. Also, viability doesn’t make things relevant.

So, something is only as relevant, or not, as it is deemed on an individual basis or merit. In the same way, a venture can be viable for one and not another.

Things that determine both relevance and viability vary from cost to values and a million other things.

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