We’ve just moved into a new home. Over the years I’ve heard many people share their frustrations of moving house.  Where did this come from? When did we get this? Why do we have this? How did we end up with so much stuff? Do we really need this? I thought I’d need this that’s why I haven’t got rid of it. Ah! This is where this was. It’s funny what you find when you’re not looking for it. Can you identify? Thoughts… the thing about moving house…

OK; so, we’re way past looking for the right kind of place at the right kind of price. Dates and deadlines set.

The Thing About Packing

Nothing makes you aware of what you have like clearing things out. One thing about moving houses when it comes to packing is that you can’t deny how much you have. It’s in your face.

Packing, in a way, challenges you to think about the stuff you’ve accumulated. Do I want to keep it? I hate this, why do I still have it? This is something I’m definitely keeping; need to label the box well so I know how to find it.


It is when you pack that you discover this you don’t or rarely use. There utensils, clothes and tools you use but not that often, but need. Then there are those things that you wouldn’t notice if they weren’t missing.


Packing forces us to evaluate the importance and value of things we have. Some things don’t have a lot of cost a lot, and the value they carry because of the memory they help keep alive. Some things, as far as we’re concerned, are priceless because they were a gift from someone dear to us.


I’m a fan of negative space; minimalism. Clutter drives me crazy. It’s so bad I can barely concentrate in a cluttered space. I don’t know why; it is just how I’m wired. Packing house made me think about how I’ve used space and what I could do better in the next house.

One of the things about moving house is that it forces me to appreciate space. I remember looking at the empty house, and the furniture and boxes waiting to be loaded onto the truck and thinking, “All this was in that space?!”

So, I’ve been thinking about the best ways of using space. Hello Pinterest. Great living and working spaces are not just about what to fill them with and how. Great working and living spaces are about what to leave out as well.

What If We Pretended?

Yeah, what if we pretended to move house and we pretended to pack, often. Some of the things about moving house you’ll discover:

  • Memories you haven’t relived in a while.
  • Lost things
  • What you use most and least –  important when deciding what to keep, throw away and what to put where.
  • What you value more – both cost and ‘sentimental’ and other value
  • What you want to occupy your living or work space
  • What you have too much or not enough of: perhaps what you have enough of. This might help you from accumulating more than you need. It will make you aware of what you need to give away.
  • Gratitude – I was filled with gratitude, knowing that I could give some things away. It is humbling to know that I had means to get some of what we had.


The thing about moving house got me thinking about all this stuff. The other thing I got me thinking about is, “How much is enough?”. That’s for the next post.

PS: Enjoyed “The Thing About Moving House”? In case you haven’t already, check out, “More Things and Less Space

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