Feedback is necessary tool for leadership growth. It is not overrated. It is the spinach of growing and effective leaders. Because it’s good and necessary doesn’t mean that every leader wants or gets it.

If you’re going to be an effective leader you must embrace those things that will make you a greater leader despite their discomfort. It is not always easy to be scrutinized. This could be your processes or how you’re leading. If you’re going to be successful you need great feedback. Enough said.

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effectiveness depends on feedback

effectiveness depends on feedback

Here are some reasons why you’re not getting the feedback you need:

May I?

One of the simplest reasons you don’t have the feedback you need is that you don’t ask for it. Feedback is not always an obvious reflex. There are times the only way you’re going to get it is by asking for it.

When was the last time you asked your team or clients for feedback?

The other side of the coin could be that you are asking for feedback but the way you’re doing it is what stands in the way.


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Find creative ways to get it out of your team and those you serve. Ask and you shall receive…


You don’t get the feedback you need because feedback is not celebrated as part of your team or organization’s culture. When your teams give feedback you hardly pay attention to it.

When you don’t acknowledge feedback when it is given to you, you are going to receive less or none at all going into the future. Great leaders celebrate feedback and those who give it. They don’t slam or shame them.

If you’re wondering how you may have started receiving little or no feedback, examine your responses when feedback has been given to you.

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Celebrate receiving feedback. While you’re at it explain why it is important and how it can be useful in getting better. What you celebrate you perpetuate. Celebrate feedback against the backdrop of helping you take your game to the next level.


Ask for feedback or you won’t get it. Cultivate a culture of feedback

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  2. Excellent ! I think we also avoid feedback and don’t cultivate a feedback culture because we might just hear what we really don’t want to hear…… The truth!