There are people who believe and live as if they’re. Conformists I mean. They are very aware of how others are confirming; selling out. How those people settle into a mold. The justification is just as relevant as fact that they are conformists.

The thing is, you’re a conformist. You’re settling into a mold. One of the reasons you may not see yourself as one who conforms is because you’re not fitting into the mold of most around you.

youre a conformist so am i

Or at least you think you aren’t. You may be right that you aren’t like everyone else but I’m sure that you are a conformist. The reason I have absolute certainty is that I’m also a conformist.

We all have something we’re fitting into. Someone we are becoming. Whether the mold is imposed or chosen is irrelevant. We’re all being shaped by into “some things”. Some state of being. Circumstances or environments and our responses define us.

Our thought life, and people we constantly interact with touch and mark us in some ways. What we constantly watch and listen to will shape us. The books we read and friends we have… All these things make a mark.

Some marks and shapes we assume are the result of our resistance. At other times our yielding, whether by choice or simply being worn out.

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Our lives and leading can be influenced by what we esteem highly, as we allow. Also, our identity and actions can be informed unawares. This is one of be reasons reflection is not only of the essence but great necessity.

You’re a conformist and you need to constantly evaluate what you are by “touched by” because it causes you to morph. You are someone now and who you are is not static. You are the same person you were and equally not the same the same. The same applies going into the future.

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