I have spelt it out before, communication is a very important part of leading change. In fact, whatever change you seek to bring about is not going to happen well, if at all without communication.

While I wrote about the importance of communicating as a critical tool of leading change, I felt it necessary to highlight a specific aspect. After all, great leadership can only be with specifics.


As with everything, there is a starting point. Telling your team or organization about the turns you’re about to make is good. It can be bad, if not done right.

You must always have a frame of reference. Spell out the process of change you’re initiating. When you do that make sure that you state where you are and be clear on the next steps from there.

This also means communicating your bearings at each stage of the process of change. The once of communication at the start of the change process is not adequate. In fact, it might not matter as much as communication during change.

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Not Done

When you don’t communicate your progress and point out exactly where you are in the process, confidence is sapped from your team. It is difficult to be confident in ignorance.

When your teams knows where they are and how they fare with their efforts, it gives them anchor points for action and motivates them to continue driving change.

One of the things inhibiting great change management is teams not knowing where they are [Click to Tweet]

When organizations know they are more confident of the future. They know what adjustments they need to make. Make a map / ladder. Break down the process of change.

Draw up a map or a ladder that is visible and constantly update your progress on it. Schedule meetings for updates and feedback to and from the team. This keeps everyone in the loop on what is happening.

When leaders are not visible or present for feedback, there’s a sense of abandonment and indifference that is likely to result. Nothing helps organizations with change like the tangible presence of its leaders. Leader, be there. Speak up. Be clear. Here: Spell It Out!

Be boldBe /ˈherətik/.

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