There can be no change unless something changes. Some of that change means coming down the perches of what we may have considered as set in stone. Change is always preceded by movement.

And, movements are preceded by individuals’ movements.

Movement is a change in state and location. Change can never and will never happen on its own. There has to be some action. Movement.

You cannot change the world unless we allow our perceptions to be challenged and we make the changes necessary by descending from self-created perception vantage points.

Descend and learn. Descend and grow. Descend and embrace humility which allows you to connect with others. Move from your place of assumed knowledge and wisdom.

What if you became curious again. What if you moved from being the sage to the learner again. The movement you make in changing your own state is the foundation of a bigger, more significant movement. One of people gathered. What if your movement was the birth of a more significant movement?

Others are not going to move still the see you make yours. Movements are result because people, individuals decided to shift something in themselves. Change in ourselves often overflows to those around us. It is when we think we have arrived kill potential for something greater than us.

The thing is when we shift focus from others and we make it about changing and improving ourselves, the off-spin is challenging others. Significant movements are never about what someone else should do. They’re often the result of individuals embracing their part and contribution.

That, is when change happens. That, is when movements are born. That is where movements get momentum and live long. That is when impact happens and the world is changed.

Descend and make your cause and not yourself the centre of attention.

Published by Blessing Mpofu

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