Calling Pressgramers In South Africa

If you’re using Pressgram in South Africa leave your username in the comments below. I will follow you and see how we can connect. I’m looking to get something going on the 4th of October, for the Pressgram Global Party in the Johannesburg / Gauteng area as well as building our community of Pressgramers. Whether in […]

Pressgram: More Than Control

Update: Pressgram is out of commission now. However, the post is still worth reading in the ownership of photos and works debate and thinking. Pressgram is more than a photo, filter app. It combines the power of great photo filters and publishes to WordPress blog / site. This is great because I get the page views […]

Five Ways Bloggers Lose The Plot

Blogging is not going away any time soon. It enables everyone, anyone to get his or her thoughts out. Publishing is not exclusive anymore. There aren’t any rules but principles can help each blogger find what works for him or her. As with anything it is easy to lose the plot. Here are five ways bloggers lose […]

Social Media and The Law In South Africa | Who Owns Followers?

Last night 27 Dinner rocked. Not that it never rocks, but because it touched a nerve on one of the most pertinent issues as far as social media and the law in South Africa are concerned. I had many thoughts, as i’m sure many others had, after the discussion. I thought I’d write them down […]