More Than Logo; Understanding And Translating Your Brand

Don’t mistake logo for brand. Your logo is not your brand. It is only a part of your brand. It is a representation of who you are. More like the hairstyle you wear that sets you apart from other people. It is your dress style and your walk that your friends use to spot you from […]

Brand Integrity; A Secret To Brand Loyalty

. “In the event of an emergency get your oxygen mask on first before assisting children… and passengers acting like them.  Welcome to Lanseria Airport, if this is not where you want to be, you’ve got some serious issues…” You will hear something like this on a typical Kulula flight. Kulula, a South African domestic […]

Blog Post Integrity

I read and follow blogs to sharpen my thinking, learn and grow. Check out the other reasons I read and follow blogs here. There are some things that I find annoying and try not to do for you, the community that reads my posts. There is no one best way to blog. Different things work […]

2 Things Social Media Cannot ( & Can) Do

Every new tool is treated with excitement, skepticism, caution and a myriad of other reactions or attitudes. As with every tool there are problems it solves. Tools are only as effective as their use. There are also other factors that determine the effectiveness, such as the context and strategy in which they are employed. At […]

How Social Media Can Be Your Enemy

One of the evident marks of our time is social media. It has challenged our definition of friends, community, transparency, corporate accountability and movements. If harnessed properly, it is a tool that can be used to mobilise masses. Recent history, such as the UK riots, Egyptian uprisings and more, is proof enough. Social media has made […]