When you set out on a new venture, everything often demands the attention of the founder or main leader. There is nothing that he cannot aware to be ignorant about.

The clearer the vision the bigger it is. The more detail you clearly see from a distance the more work it will take to happen. While heretic leaders look to take over the world they must realise that their capacity is limited.

While everything may seem important, you cannot always include or focus on it every time, all at once

Ambition is not a bad thing. Ambition without priority is what is destructive. Misplaced ambition and ego can easily have you chasing every little thing.

You are human and you have limitations. Don’t make the mistake coddling obstacles you don’t have to tolerate as a limitation.

A limitation means, for example, you have a capacity for ten gallons and nothing more. The only way to build capacity is to get more containers or bigger ones.

Your effectiveness as a leader depends on you not taking on every little thing. Many leaders suffocate their vision and teams because they want to fit everything all at the same time.

This is sometimes done in the name of going big. Going big is not equal to being irresponsible. Great leaders have A.D.D. They know they cannot give their attention to everything. They also know that they cannot give every little thing an equal amount of attention.

The ‘every-little-thing syndrome’ is trying to be and do everything all at once. It is about giving your attention to everything in the name of detail. Some details are not worth your attention.

Choose, and choose carefully. Take your time with a few things at a time. This doesn’t mean you’re skimping on your vision it just means you’re careful with what you prioritise at each stage of your journey.

Leaders cannot afford to do and pursue everything at the same time. You have to leave some things for later. You must also learn to leave not for later but for others as well. Simply put: prioritise and delegate. Don’t cripple yourself, undermine your team or your mission. Watch out for the every-little-thing syndrome.

Chill out… Be bold. Be /ˈherətik/.


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