You have potential to change your enterprise, the world it serves and the world at large. A sad truth: while you the ability to change the world you might never.

This is not because you don’t get the funding that you need to get your non-profit off the ground. Or to go somewhere in the world where your skills are needed. No, not because that.

The way you stand in the way of you changing the world:


You think your ideas are so important that they need to be perfect before they can work. Right? Stop taking your work so seriously that you never release it to actually work and make a difference in the world.

What happens in your ‘workshop’ is important. Never be slap-dash, careless with your work. At the same time, your work will never make a difference until it leaves the workshop.

Some developers get this. They work toward getting a decent product out and work on updates to make it better. They better their ‘products’ while their products make a difference.

Change starts off as an event and is most potent when it is sustained as a process of getting greater each day.

Stop worrying about what people will think. Even Thomas Edison struggled to get things right. Yet he is celebrated as great inventor a.k.a father of the light bulb.


Don’t wait to act on account of the size of your audience. Many people think they need to have sizeable audience before they can get started. It doesn’t work that way.

It is the work you do that gets attention. The reason for your work must always be what it is supposed to accomplish not the size of your audience

Remember, the audience is not the object. The goal is to make a significant impact. The crowd is fickle but your cause, if it something that matters, is not.

Heretic + Excuses = Status quo + No world change


Dear heretic, stop talking about the change you want to make. Or the difference you’re going to make. Take a page out of Nike’s playbook. Just do it.

Talking about change does not change anything. Action behind the talk makes all the difference. Waiting for change also doesn’t bring it about.


So hope you better understand why you might never change anything let alone the world. But the point of this post is to get to do something that matters. Something that will change the world.

So, be diligent. Spend your energy focused on what you actually want to do and not talk about it. Get something out and work on it as it works on changing the world.

No one can stand in your way but you.

Be bold. Be /ˈherətik/.

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