A Different Kind Of Lovely Weather

After what seems to be endless blue sky days, this! Somehow I’m loving the weather this morning. It could just be because it’s cooler. Some rain would be very welcome too. I thought his was bad weather but change my mind. I’ve just decided it is a different kind of lovely weather

Hellos That Change Destinies

Ingrid and I enjoy our friends‘ (Keke and Snowey’s) company. I was just thinking about how a simple “hello” can alter the trajectory of your life. I said “hello” to Ingrid in 2008 and I never imagined six years later we’d be married. With Keke and Snowey; I met them both separately and introduced them […]

You’re A Conformist And So Am I

There are people who believe and live as if they’re. Conformists I mean. They are very aware of how others are confirming; selling out. How those people settle into a mold. The justification is just as relevant as fact that they are conformists. The thing is, you’re a conformist. You’re settling into a mold. One […]