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Seeing and Acting Beyond

Being heretic, at least in our sense, has nothing to do with being disruptive for the sake of it. Dissension for the sake of it does not only help the status quo but also leave things in a worse state.

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Act Well Your Part

Act well your part, there all the honor lies.’ He who does something at the head of one Regiment, will eclipse him who does nothing at the head of a hundred ~ Abraham Lincoln

Lincoln said these words addressing General who felt he dishonored because he did not have many regiments reporting to him, only one.

Prestige and notoriety as a basis for action will guarantee inaction.

Leaders stand the danger of compromising the cause if they are only prepared to act with greater responsibility on them. The irony is, you cannot get greater responsibility if you never act where you with what you have.

Change The World

Bono: A Heretic ‘Case Study’

Bono is a heretic of note. His primary platform is music. He, and his band U2, have made a name for themselves. They worked at being the best in what they did. That has given Bono, the ability to make a difference in other areas such as poverty alleviation. Remember:

You can change the world irrespective of what field or discipline you lead in

The discipline you work is does not restrict you on the change you can make in the world. You do that yourself. You decide whether you will make a difference or not. Heretic leaders always explore farther what possibilities their present platform and means could enable.

Bono did not ask the world for permission to make a difference. He simply saw a need that moved him, started doing something about it and then told the world, “You have to join me in doing something about poverty…” If you wait for the world you will not start.

Bring about the change as you see the need

The problem with the world is not that we’re unaware that there are challenges to address; it is that everyone is waiting for others to lead. Heretics start by leading themselves before leading the world.  They are lead by the cause and not the crowd.

Bono, through the ONE initiative has dared to address one of the greatest challenges humanity faces: poverty. Leading world change means not shying away from what seems insurmountable. Your capacity to make anything greater heavily hinges on your ability to see what needs to be done and its subsequent impact, not the challenges in the way.

At TED Bono shared the notable decline in poverty. Through the work of Bono and other heretics poverty is not a big scary mountain to tackle as it was a decade ago. Change brings hope. If you don’t think so, why to organizations make changes when they are on the decline or when their shares are plummeting? It is not personnel change it is a search for hope.

Change is the currency of hope for the greater.

Your enterprise and at the world may not be really looking for new a leader or strategy but hope. When we dare to address issues that seem insurmountable, we actually make a dent in the challenge and at the same time birth hope. When you punt change make the hope it comes with apparent. Even the worst pessimist responds positively to hope. Be bold. Be /ˈherətik/.