A Blog Post About An Important Blog I Wrote

I haven’t written as much as I would’ve loved over the last few years. I’ve shared some of the reasons I write are here, here and here. Those are not all the reasons, just some. Writing is one of the things I’ve had a desire and, I guess, a fair aptitude for, for as long as I can remember. This is a blog post about an important blog I wrote.

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Why I Publish The Imperfect

If you’ve read anything I’ve written it is possible you’ve seen one way or another I could be better as writer. I’m aware I’m not the best writer there is or was. I’m also not among the best of communicators.

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What Some Mistake For Influence, Don’t Drink That Cool Aid

So, I got tweeted — an offer to buy followers!

Some people do this. It’s lame! The thing about buying “followers” — not even legit people or accounts — is that it’s not true influence.

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My Ideal Writing Environment

I’ve given some attention to why I write the post “Unmasked” and “Why I Write And Or Blog”. (These are not the only posts that speak into writing or blogging though…) Something I haven’t spoken much about was the environment for my writing and blogging.

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Why I Write And Or Blog

Why I write and or blog is one question I’ve answered many times in different ways. However, as I think about it, there are more answers everytime I contemplate this. Almost everytime I have a go at answering this questions different expressions and nuances ensure.

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